-ing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(on into one another)

you are here with me
long before you come
and I am holding onto you so close
the warm moisture of your breath
is gently washing and massaging my face
and I’m hearing the drumming in our bosoms
pouring one into the other

I am talking with you
here in the mirror at dawn
at work in the dry spaces of the day
while walking alone in the evening
when the air is clear
and generous with its wisdom
and your soft round browns
are beginning to explode in me rubbing raw nerves
with sensuous brushings and nourishing words
delicately etching in tracings of your smile
and I am beginning to come to you

the taste of you is here everywhere
my mouth my stomach my eyes my ears
on the ends of my fingertips
spreading as oceans boundlessly
enslaving my thoughts
to the smooth melodious musing
of sagacious African drummmings
of ancient Savanna Tomes
we’re dervishly whirling and twirling
warming each other as best we can
in this bubbular pocket of rented things
framed in cold and lonely sounds

by the time you have come here with me
there’s so little to be seeing
you’ve been consuming me for so long
only open and naked pores are left . . .
your eyes are pouring quietly into mine
and whispering in native tongues
tones sunging in us for so long
and now we’re overflowing
in the urgings of torrid new hungers
savagely grounding us down and
enfolding us in short orgasmic spillings
and we’re continuing to becoming to us”

Copyright © 1993, 2019, 2021 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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