charading in this parade’n masquerade’n (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


neurotic mirages weaning on reality shows
camouflaging our fears in fantasy flights
of serpentining blights mocking the harkening
omens of this ancient malady incessantly
progressingly ingurgitationing us all  

charading in this parade’n masquerade’n
(synthesizing a pandemic ambiguationing) 

we’re desperately cling’n on
to just still clinging on
to our syndicating stars masturbating
on stage right here ‘fore our eyes 
they just genuflecting whores
hyperbolate’n boors
and syncophanting fidos
still vomiting stale dumbing notions of
holy manifest destinationing potions
so trying to be hiding the evolutioning
of this bane misanthropic devolutioning  

compassion is just virtual pantomime’n
profane’s a celebration of obscene in this
retarding same old limp’n that’s
no longer just lame but a swallow’n
paralysis catalyzing our selfish self-disdain
with this hypnotizing stupefying clamoring
that’s savagely and virally reducing us all  
to run’n on’n’on through long toxic days
into hopeless bouts with sleepless nights
of ever glooming foreboding forebodings
for tomorrows of hypnotically coffling on
in the jaws of pixellating moments
dissipating the ingratiating balm
of the sun’s philanthropic light  


Copyright © 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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