Orbiting (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

then is when and when is then
and now is always ever being

 (Scared!!! addicting in the serpentining
 jaws of just begging to be seen)

we’re just robotic manifestationings
of staged reality celebrationings of
coffling lips suckling on plastic
sugar titties with cultiferous eyes
lock-stepping in our terror of any
critical theorizing of the
existential whys consciously
actualizing the social ritualizing
of our misanthropic perpetratonings

the mass of our anthrophic body is rapidly
diminishing from the alternatating
diet on which it’s being fed
the illusion of a visible dred
or all the other loathing potions
brewing here in our heads
we’re having no desire for knowing why
our eyes are no longer able to cry
as our oceans are rapidly rising high
and butterflies with elegant wings
are no longer daring to fly

so on we’re plunging aloning all alone
weightlessly feeling no pathway home
just a zero or one on some itty bitty chip
pixelating the oracular mosiac of the
anthropic failure burrowing in our demise

Copyright (c) 2022 Asili Ya Nadhiri

One thought on “Orbiting (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

  1. Hello Mr. Nadhiri I was a student of yours 10 yrs ago at positive pathways transition center my name is cordelle I’ve been tryna connect with you for many years now … please reach back out to me so we can connect please!

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