our plague’n of wannabe’n wannabes (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

our incessant cling’n on to this ruse
of just cling’n on is so numb drumm
drummm’n’cause we still aint never  
ever give’n dem ancient drummers 
still everywhere talk’n’walk’n
the wisdoming wisdoming 
of this perspicacious some some
. . . now you jes be telling me howcome

our plague’n of wannabe’n wannabees

  all us all jes still here spinning ’round
in our methodical just rolling on up
 constipationing on mythological turds
pandemize’n this synthesize’n paralyze’n
 monopolizing scrummm drumming
numb’n all us all here raising-the-roof
. . . muffling abortioning screamings of 
 zombian mirages guzzling bogus notions
in disguising potions so making like
we’re always be’n some somebody else
sanctifying by camouflaging in
our braying hee-hawing amens

and here run’n still so dastardly scared 
contending in our pretending
howcome whatever it is it aint even so
beg’n one another’n’all them other others
 who baptise’n in the prowling infestering
of this ominous absurding absurding of
bland ad hoc’n liturging public litanies
to just be celebrating in the anathematic
swallow’n of stale bales of molded words
like they’re the keys for all them doors 
 of our vested barracoon’n tomes
legislationing the auctionationing
 in this slithering misanthropic OMMM
always everywhere wantonly lurking
and perversenationing on’n’on’n’on
in incubationing wombs of rabid
pixilationing plastic norms like these

Copyright © 2021 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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