‘hood’n (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


look’n ’round you in a hurry
with no where to wanna go
rubb’n here up ‘side the corner
of this some body else’s store
got your feet propp’d dere
they way up in the air
you lean’n back in the arms
of some old milk crate chair
and you looking just like
all dis is what you own
here cuss’n out at sump’n fuss’n
it still inside’us unknown
spread’n jes like
it gone never be gone
look at you sitt’n here nigguh
and know’n you jes putt’n on
actin jes like you whole
and aint nevuh been torn
bragg’n LOUD you soundin REAL bold
’bout how BIG it is you be
when you down in the bottom
of young tender lil’l pussy holes
laughin ’cause uv what you won’t see
in ev’ry thang !what this you doin!
from out’ah all you come tuh be
beggin here inside
for some body won’t you !please!
come wrap me here in this cover
and tuck it in so it tight
then turn me ovuh’n’ovuh
so dat i warmin jes right
“!but motherfucker dis a MAN!DIS’A’MAN!
!all you see here’s STRONG!
you keepon mess’n here wit’me
jes like i doin sump’m WRONG!
and ‘spose i caint stand to see
who dis you say i come’n tuh be
well tell’me dis motherfucker
you so smart in duh head
how come i still aint dead
if this i doin be wrong
what i been doin for so long”


Copyright © 2000 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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