themm drowning on in themm’d rivers (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

themm drowning on in themm’d rivers

them dark themms unfolding out of this womb
there pompously adorning anxiously ignoring
oraclar drummings warning of proverbial sins
they perpetrating so libating their thrones
with all themm’d themms they offering then
to emigrant hands of coveting themms
who meandering on out from themms when
wraping up in reptilian masquerades
callously moulding and boldly spilling on
through infectious veins of its styling in
vicarious preserves spreading all everywhere
“dis aint personal it’s just business!
‘cause market matrixation my peoples
it aint never no sin!”
now is you feeling you there then!
“we fenestrating legacy venders just like you!
squat’n in here some where pretending too
‘hind this scared what’us hide’n inside
pimp’n depravationing hustlers as heroic dons
snorting slow low mo’ mo’ humping sounds
who weaving vex’n echoes with emptying arms
and piss’n in the halls of conventional bounds
chromatically synthesizing robotic mimes
with whining bags full of make believing times
so swaddling in the blues like themm themms”
now is you feeling me here then!
and this ever deepening invasive fingering
is enthralling us all inside the darkness
of our own swallowing invisibilizing
’cause all we all is just themms

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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