the numbing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

these few little row houses
they so small
and all stack up in here
on top’uh one another
that even when i home
i was always here next door
and going to school when i did
smelling just like
somebody else’s last night pee
then after while
my nose it done forgot
and everything here it all started smelling
it smelling just like it me

the numbing

everything in here changing
just like it always staying the same
and it keep on rubbing
and rubbing all close all up against you
slow grinding
up around you like this
‘til then you just dont feel it no more
when long ‘fore it known
all the what you ever wanted be gone
and everything here it all be seeming
it seeming just like it you

Copyright © 1995 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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