em-bitteringed . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(counting en-timed)

you here acting like you hid when you standing wide out in the open
there ‘hind them long painted fingers you covering over your eyes
in here looking at yourself peeping out there from in between

short nibbling hair it greying scared you just clinging on
to stiff slippery ends of those desperate pretensions
cussing at somebody ‘cause it aint’a’nuff to weave

memories you worn still dress’n for wearing
with your slip hanging down surrendering
notions of a you forgot it was never is so

grab’n onto the tail of whatever words
in’a rhythmic loud hypnotic droning
masturbate’n ina swoon’n humdrum

wrap’n up in how it would’ve been
and how it now is no longer then
flailling inside a-lone-n renown
chewing on this edge of everyday
you amen-ing it quiet-ly-ing on down
powder’n the frown ‘fo your face on it seen
strutting in little lines ‘and still smiling on time

Copyright © 2003 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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