en-clevering decadencing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

en-clevering decadencing

splashings loudly bodaciously bodacious
loquaciously splatterings in the pupil-ling of our eyes
hooching things hazing synthesizing fantasizings
paralyzing socializing with infantizing mesmerizing
resonating burrowers here sucking on in our wallowings
who they just our aloning soliloquys begging for enfleshing
spinning making so like us aint doing what’us doing
us wrapping up in the charmings of our potionings
wantonly colding   on the face of a numbing retarding
snorting the whims of transgendering enthrallings
squandering on in this scattering en-folding
worshipping bloodsucking hustlers mogulizing
mobilizing in-visible-lizing with visiblizing
amen-ing rationalising in a marching disregarding
canonizing this libation us keeping coming on around
drama-tizing its’ anthems as salvation for us all
here bragg’n ’bout how’us swagg’n like’us spose’n
aint no mattering ’bout druming the rhyming
or however else us syncing this sloshing in our heads
us just all in here seeing one another
as some what-ever who-ever else-ing instead

Copyright © 2007 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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