and how do you warm when you alone (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

and how do you warm when you alone

what do you do when you alone and scared
cold there wait’n
you wait’n there by yourself
do you grab for those others
there just like you
trying to come all you can
‘fore it time to go home
or do you hypnotize your eyes
in them little bitty dream lies
trying to run away from there
just as far as you can
or do you try and learn the names
and hold the tails of them things
when you strolling in there
on them slippery dirt paths
with moons and coons and soft spooned tunes
locking doors you pretending
to make believe faces
throwing bottles you breaking glass
for the sound splattering there
against the silence
of dry and empty spaces
begging for a corner
you in there somewhere
spinning ’round in dark and bubbular places
or do you just keep pausing while you running
spitting and cussing at them there too
’cause they looking and smelling
they there just like you
doing all you know how
just trying to make it go away

Copyright © 1999 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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