emptyingnessing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


we’re here in this here
whose walls we cannot see
respirating in the notion of “this is mine!”
as the darkening inside this darkening-ness
is cleverly camouflaging its spreading here

each and every unfolding is enfolding
a colding arming accelerating this boding
’cause we running so scared
shouting too !loud! in being seen
for any other words to be heard

this swelling echoing is summoning
with hypnotic cascading kaleidescopings
impounding our tired applauding eyes
and big wax filled elephant ears
publicly denouncing this flagrant erasing

enclosing ourselves in this boundless sphere
every here is just the same some where
and when is always ever then
nothing is pulling on any other
in this numbing swelling feeling
of this being aloning

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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