The Ouroboros (also spelled Oroboros) is a name given the symbol composed of a serpent (snake) swallowing its tail.  Some maintain “this composition symbolizes self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things, such as the phoenix which operate in cycles that begin anew as soon as they end.  It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished . . . (Wikipedia).”  In my writing I am often using this symbol that also reflects the intimate relationship between Luciferian (Satanic) worshipping and Freemasonry.  The serpent is a very very old symbol used to represent the rational mind.  I contend in the face of all contrary assertions that this symbol most explicitly means:  If the rational mind is left alone and on its own, it will inevitably swallow itself.  In short, we (human beings) are both rational and irrational—the percentage to which we are inclined toward either is not subject to the pronouncement of an equation. Our blinding predilection with “very smart people” who are adept at establishing rules by which to successfully name and maneuver chest pieces (our manmade symbols) seems most problematic.  Reasoning allows all things, and the masking of anything.  Life is not a game;  there is no algorithm by which one keeps a numerical score.  Wisdom is most essential in regards leadership. A wise man is always smart;  a smart man may never be wise.

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