Snorting the Smelling


We are simply joyfully and splendidly loving and kneeling at the feet of our FOOLS; we are celebrating our very existence in the constant exaltation and glorification of them. No matter how infinitesimal, we record, magnify, dispense, and glorify their every flatulensationing just like they’re (these odorous wind blown expulsions) them whose attention we are so desperately craving (so decisively addicting ourselves). “TO HELL WITH THE FACTS AND ANY SUBSTANCE; WE CAN ALWAYS BE FAKING THAT PART—WHO’S REALLY GIVING A DAMN!”

Likewise, we are loving our incessant and ritualistic wallowing in their every moral perverse-nationing. In our serpentining trance, we’re most instantly and intuitively rationalizing (excusing) it all, because, just like our FOOLS,we’re too inherently weak and afraid to be ever be seeing our own faces in the mirror

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