beloving (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


and i’m always coming back
so something here
can swallow me whole
in one piece all together
so i can stay right here with you
sometime i can hear it somewhere
there saying
“come to me come to me
come to me baby just the way you is”
and i can taste the soft dry touch
of your thick dark lips
sipping at the water
it just standing in here
you wanna stir it
so the arms of the ripples
go spreading out real wide
but you scared you know you scared
scared about me
‘bout what you dont know
in little school girl curls
sometime you twirl
dancing the words of rivers gone on
in this womb full of unspoken things
and i always have to leave ‘fore you done
running in the dark from what i caint see
out there with you in here with me
that why i’m always coming back
everytime once again
and starting everything over
so it never get done

Copyright © 1993 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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