smiling here where it warm in my daddy’s hand (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

smiling here where it warm in my daddy’s hand
(a song for little Eldrid and his father)

son my hand it big and it heavy
and sometime it knock over thangs
that aint there in the way
and when i walk i be leaning over
like i neah’bout ready to fall
my voice i stutter and it loud
and this temper of mine
it don’t like no crowd “i get scared son”
and sometime i just have to take a drink
‘cause the day i have to wake up in
!it aint fair!
everywhere i go they be always there
and they be making me feel like i’m nothing
like these hands of mine they aint got no use
and son i work !hard! work hard everyday
but this feeling it just won’t leave me alone
i wannuh do something so bad i can taste it
but i don’t know what i supposed to do
been left here by myself for so long
everything i seem to do it be wrong
but these hands they STRONG . . . lord
they just got to be strong
that why sometime i just start swanging
and swanging and swanging some mo’
trying to hit sump’n !then!
i wannuh feel sump’m fall!
but all the hit’n i ever be doing son
is when i be there beat’n on you
and then sometime just after the sunset
when the ways of this day start’n’duh hush
and when i know you done ate
you done went on to bed
i’m standing here outside this window pain
and the soft steady sound of your breathing
is p0uring sweet sungs drumming through me
and washing away everything this day it done
and i’m feeling your tiny lil’l hands
right here in mine
they watching you sleep
while they keeping us warm

Copyright © 1993 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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