prestidigitationing (a tonal drawing writing in poetic form)


lips they hawking deceitful wiles
stalk’n here in most all our plastic grins
serpentining subverse-nationings
so many of us snake’n in the grass
‘round ‘n round so swallowing our ass
shuffling hands they dealing real slow
‘cause most the eyes they closing so tight
we just aint caring aint caring no mo’
‘less we ‘bout to be missing a reality show

aint raising no children ‘cept for show’n
them suckling on cold synthetic titties
drowning in the arms of gadgets
in the laps of parental mannequins
as they keep on jump’n in front
of our loud snoring trains
they’re already zombie’n automatons
like them geriatric ones ejaculating
on elected stools in full chamber halls

we’re methodically ambushing ourselves
in the floodings of addicting venues
tailgating rendevous and country blues
slow rainbow hump’n souls in tennis shoes
holy coliseums raffling heavenly pews
stock markets scat’n like hee-hawing mules
they jerk’n the strings of our emptying lives
with the same old same old braying
of our high school pep rallying cries

puppies we just keep’n on run’n behind
our perpetually self-anointing magicians
who always drawing cards from decks
that aint never be having no markings
us so long here show’n what we know’n
we get’n mo’n’mo use to abusing ourselves
while all the while just here still being used

*Audio available at

Copyright (c) 2019 Asili Ya Nadhiri


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