THE MOST GRACIOUS (a tonal drawing writing in poetic form)


all we’re here doing
is just running for the sake
of being seen how we running
like all we’re suppose’n to be doing
is spinning ‘round ‘n’round ‘n’round
cloning our stumbling and bungling
so we’re all here just vicariously aping
pretending like it’s us up there on stage
posing under the ever dimming halos
on our manufactured heroes renown
make-believing just like it’s our hands
on themmm who up there molding
the zombies we’re seeing in our mirrors

and we’re so many of us
be never ever pondering
beyond the pale of fantasy wanderings
just obediently strolling on in the haze
of our orchestrated saunterings
publicly invisiblizing addicting swoons
so brazenly celebrating our plundering
of one another and all of ourselves
here in a bubble aloning all alone

why are we so rabidly obsessing
with so blatantly chastizingly ignoring
all the blaring illustrative warnings
instead of beholdenly pondering
the endless magnanimous entangling
most graciously here inviting us all
to be abundantly fulfillingly enfolding

Copyright (c) 2019 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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