please . . . help me get out of my way

i’m running in here
watching you watching me
running in here watching you
feeling me aimlessly bobbing
in this swirling pool of dispair
scared of even pondering why
claws of hover’n premonitions
are slowly enfolding me on
in my stubbornly holding on
to this stubbornly holding on

i’m denying i’m trying to no avail
to be hiding my hiding my hiding
that’s always betraying the rusing
of my patented smile announcing
the yearning in this guile
that i’m want’n so bad to be chancing
and daring to be daring again dancing
swilling all the sonorous feelings
in the rapture of enrapturing again

so i’m desperately keep’n on jogging
and jogging and jogging and jogging
canonizing illusory realizing
in immersing perspirating fantasizing
there’s no longer a need for pretending
‘cause do’n this i’m believe’n i’m believe’n
there’s really no need for anything more

Copyright © 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri


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