we all keeping on holding onto this night . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

we all keeping on holding onto this night
(‘cause there aint no Rorschaching in the dark) 

and we’re all still here scared
just like there in ancestral wombs
march’n ‘hind a ME !shout’n louder! than you
and here kneeling down all up underneath
the fabling duplicitationing of these same
elected self-annoint’n alternative ME’S
and still fancing ourselves just like them as
the real cornerstones of some mythical now
spin’n ‘round ‘n‘round so to be look’n
like we aint just here marking time
obediently gumm’n the rime of this spiel
so we’re never ever seeing why the
syncopate’n bray’n of perennial jackasses
is always chiming with such appeal
—existential eviscerationing
abominating adjudicationing—
we’re sleepwalk’n stalls meander’n in malls
see’n us in one another!but it’s so damn dark!
we aint never seeing nothing at all
“so what are we suppose to be doing . . .
take’n ownership of just what!
somebody who we long sick’n’tired
of being long sick and tired of . . .
or chewing tobacca dipping snuff
martini mesmeriz’n fantasiz’n and stuff
here snort’n coke so i’m feel’n no pain or
neck’n naked on beaches with no damn shame
rock’n’rollin git’n down vandalizing in the guile
of sanctify’n reality shoutings in palatial aisles:
‘cause all i’m doing’s still  just all about !ME!” 

Copyright © 2019 Asili Ya Nadhiri


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