immortalizing hologramming (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

immortalizing hologramming

is rabidly ravishing the sills of all our wills
with convolutioning rhetoric-ling spills
endlessly entangling on’n’on’n’on in on’n’on
keep’n’us always addictingly slipp’n down
on alternative words of barding bird turds
salaciously pontificationingly sowing
in the ground as our salvatory words . . .
respectively we’re always robotically
run’n on in our same old same old lanes
obediently numb’n so never feeling no pain
cofflinged zombies just chant’n our dirge
“dis aint my fault it’s !yours yours yours!”
perpetuating the cultivationing
of this soar’n humanivoring despair
grow’n out of our primordial womb . . .
this systemic pandemic’s here in’our bones
like it never gon ever be leaving us alone
despite all our wanton overdose’n on
the same old ruse of reality fantasize’n
so actualizing camouflaging in the guile
“i’aint really this whom i’m seem’n to be
and sho’as’hell aint this same some body
who’s here acting just like they’re me . . .”

Copyright © 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri


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