Ah Blogging: It’s Never Too Late Until We Give Up

Ah Blogging: It’s Never Too Late Until We Give Up

but what now of they themmm
’bout whom it never is it told
unknowing come they born too
with a share they hummm
of the seer’s tongue
limping aloning alone
in their incessant roam
knowd they un-be-knownst
the unknowing unknowned

“We, human beings, are certainly social animals; and must feel ourselves impacting our environment—must feel we are visible.  If we cannot realize this experience by socially acceptable means, we are vulnerable to persuasions to seek it by socially unacceptable means.  Hence, the longer and more stringently we are deprived of this experience, the more easily we are susceptible to the suasions (foreign agenda) of others.”

The weak and ignorant are always waiting and begging for a master; someone through whom they can camouflage they hatred of whom they are perceiving themselves to be. And, they must always have their heads underneath somebody’s boot. Their master, on the other hand, is just like them except his/her hiding place is behind the arrogant mask they are ostentatiously donning.  Yes, their master simply adorns the audacity to publicly pretend to play this role in an effort to hide the overwhelming fear that he/she is desperately trying to overcome vicariously just like the audience before whom they are performing.  The master is always teetering on the edge of doom; and must always be so because he/she is, simultaneously, both performer and audience.  The other (public) audience is there because they choose to do so; and can leave anytime they choose. The performer is there because he/she has no choice; and cannot leave until the show is over, the audience leaves, or they (the performers) have a most rare personal epiphany.

The present Machiavellian hustle in which we are all involved is shouting to us most emphatically:  The success of all human enterprises is absolutely proportional to the integrity of all those involved, no matter how elegantly and all-enfranchising their guiding principles maybe worded and propagated.  WE CANNOT USE REASON TO SERPENTINE OUR WAY AROUND THIS!!! Why, then, is a large proportion of the human population hanging on to and so desperately aiding and abetting those persons who are constantly being forced upon us by the media:  those persons who are going to all extremes to keep their names and faces constantly in our presence. WHY! Because so many of us are suffering the same chronic insecurity and feeling of invisibility as they (our stars) are. These “stars” are living vicariously through a pervertingly distorted image in their own minds; and we are, likewise, living through this same image as we are perceiving it in them. WE ARE BEING HUSTLED BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME DISEASE IN OUR HEARTS AS DO THOSE WHO ARE HUSTLING US!!! As are they, we are addicts constantly demanding an ever increasing dose of this desperationing. What can we do; what does one do when facing a severe case of constipation?

We are drowning in the hypnotizing splashings of fat turds hustling our own toilet waterings. And so disgracefully so, when we are the conduits through whom something eternally beautiful is flowing. Why? Because we are most blatantly and portentously refusing to be existentially realizing and actualizing the reality that the pipe (the conduit) is never the focus of Broadway Praise and Inflated Accolades: SERVICE IS OUR ACCLAIM! We, as is all creation, are always elegantly and purposefully and entroypingly entangling on . . . We are all flowing in a most elegant and embracing cosmos; not hanging-out on the legislating dirt footpaths of some imaginary apocryphal outpost seeking adoption.

Copyright (c) 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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