The Flocking of Birds of a Feather . . .

The Flocking of Birds of a Feather
(Oh! How We’re Just Worshipping Our FOOLS!!!)

Indeed, birds of a feather do tend to flock together. Creation has evolved them thusly: They lack the blessing of free will. Human Beings of similar proclivities tend also to attract each other but not exactly in the manner of birds. We are blessed with a limited free will; this allows us sufficient capacity to choose with whom we “flock”. But, at the same time, we are also very prone to “flock together in the manner of birds and other non-human animals. 

Limited free will allows we humans to voluntarily flock with those who are habitually distinguishing themselves as fools. I am referring to the members of our human community who are blatantly and loudly demanding the right to command the existential realities of a significant number of us by simply and openly !SCREAMING!:  “I CAN’T SING, BUT I CAN DAMN SHO’ HOLLAR LIKE A MOTHER . . . ! ! !” 

Why do so many of us persist in following these fools so religiously without any significant questioning? Are we worshipping them, thusly, because they are so avidly demonstrating an overwhelming concern for our welfare, and because they are so obviously human beings of such superior intelligence and sense of humanity? NO! WHAT ARE WE GETTING FROM THEM? MONEY, NO; PERSONAL AND FAMILY SECURITY FROM SOCIAL MALEVOLENCE (RACISM, SEXISM, BLATANT PERVERSION, BOUNDLESS AND INSIDIOUS PUBLIC POLITICAL CRIMINALITY AND ENVIROMENTAL PANDEMICS)? HELL NO! WE’RE GETTING NOTHING!! NOTHING!! NOTHING!!! BUT AN EVER MORE RAPID AND SUSTAINING SUBMERSION IN ABOUNDING VARIETIES OF SYSTEMIC PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL DISPAIR ! ! !

It does not matter how obviously absurd their behavior, how definitively they are demonstrating a barely mediocre intelligence, and the obvious and very pronounced extent that their self-serving behavior is reeking havoc upon our lives; we are ceremoniously gulping their addicting opium: ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!, with such volume and rabid GREED as to be always keeping ourselves on the threshold assorted existential calamities. We are ceremoniously behaving thusly because we’re drug addicts. Our only concern is our next fix; getting high on the booming mantra our fools are feeding us:IT AINT YOUR FAULT FOR BEING LIKE YOU’RE BEING; IT’S THEIRS—THEM OTHER THEMMMS!!! IF IT WON’T FOR THEMMM YOU’D BE UP HERE JES LIKE US(YOUR SELF-ANOINTED FOOLS). BUT SINCE YOU AINT LOUD AND BOLD LIKE US, YOU GON JUST HAVE TO BE KEEPING ON BUYING AND CLINGING TO THIS HIGH WE’RE DOLING OUT TO YOU AND DOING JUST LIKE WE’RE SAYING. YOU AINT NEEDING TO BE HAVING NO QUESTIONS ‘CAUSE WE’RE ALWAYS SCREAMING ALL THE ANSWERS THAT YOU’RE EVER NEEDING TO BE KNOWING WAY ‘FORE THE QUESTIONS ARE EVER KNOWN. SO YOU SEE: IF YOU GO START’N TO BE TRYING TO BE THINKING, ALL YA’LL GON BE DOING IS MESS’N UP YOUR FREE NICKEL HIGH: THAT FREE “PEARLY GATE FEELING”BRUNGING HERE BY THE ENTHRALLING GRACE OF WE PAPER MACHE MULES.

Copyright (c) 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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