stultifying in a ritualizing stupefying (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

stultifying in a ritualizing stupefying

our deceitful embouchuring 
of desperationing bodies performing
in call-and-response protestationings
is a foreboding insecure hsssss-ing
of the slither’n serpentine’n malevolencing
that’s long long be’n running on in our veins
—an essential companion of free willing 

but . . . vicarious syncophanting is no plan
it’s just another asinine’n sleighting-of-hand
so making like we’re all here take’n a stand
by masquerading in each others mirrors
in the same old pretentious camouflagings
like this time it’s sho’nuff gon be being
so mighty mighty goddamn real

but over’n’over aint nothing more
just go’n‘round coming’round
abetting our strutt’n here addicting 
hustling each other and ourselves 
with the same old same old
anesthetizing circularizing rationalizing
for so’us try’n to aint be feeling no shame
‘bout how us morphing so endlessly on into
shadows of our shadows’ shadowings

just aloning on in our aloning holding on
to kaleidescoping pixellating virtualizing
sparkling mirages in this darkening unknown
get’n high shoot’n-up on hypnotically chanting
 “!we’re going on our way back when!” 
to some potioning notion of a mythical then
that’s always always being 
some miraging evering never ever
Copyright © 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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