drowning on in our themmming themmms . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form

*drowning on in our themmming themmms
(entrancing on in ouroboros circumstancing) 

serpentining is nowing here then 
and always here nowing when 
marching out of our primordial womb  
themmming mo’ themmms  
just like all the other themmms  
coveting themmm other themmms 
forcefully enslaving and cowarding 
other themmms just like themmm
by audaciously ignoring oracular warnings   
of dangerous proverbial sins pouring forth
and propagating more themmms
perpetuationing on just like themmm

we’re all themmms like any other themmm
addictionationing and desperationing clones
celebrating our well honed fatal-cidal whims 
molding and infectuously enthralling us all 
with confusing abusing algorithming refrains
mesmerizing in slow low mo’ mo’ hump’n OMs 
wallowing in the perverse-nationing cloning 
of all us all by all us all 
here hypnotic automatoning 
in the coffling vicarious dispensationings
of synthesized bastardizing drummm tones
and all we’re doing is just running on around
and on arounding in this all arounding
‘cause we’re keeping on keeping on suckling
on the slithering tail of our sidewinding tales

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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