Our humanity is always evolving out of the revelatory width and breadth of our collective entangling. Art is a visceral portrait of a piece of a piece of our hologramic reality.


i’m seeing the shadows 
of seamless moments
in the quickening glancings
scurrying here on back inside
 to their hiding from the dawn 
 bruising and silently erasing
in the swallowing embouchurings 
of our ethnic embracings

“Impoverishinged-ing” is a word (impoverish) to which the suffixes -ing + ed + ing are afixing in order to be describing the manner in which we humans are always acting upon, being acted upon, and always nowing in then and when; becoming as we are persistently cultivating our spiritual, moral, and intellectual demise. Imitating and emulating one another is a common means by which we assist our maturationing; and this behavior is also an essential factor in our existential invisiblizing when it is being clung to as a  primary means by which we are trying to avoid taking ownership of the person whose reflection we are seeing in the mirror on the wall and in the eyes of our fellow beings. 

From very early childhood we are experiencing ourselves being encouraged (within and without) to imitate those older (and presumably wiser) than we. Of course, as maturation progresses, it is normally expected that this propensity to imitate will be naturally deminishing as it is morphing us on into self-sustaining participants of our respective societies. Why then, are we are so persistently and desperately holding onto and aggressively propagating this imitating behavior far beyond normal expectations?

We are conspicuously training ourselves to be morphing into obscene overdosings of imitationing on our way to aggressively reducing ourselves to addicts in the “reality show” world of “ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!” to the extreme of drastically devaluing the existential rights of us all. This progression is a very common and encompassing behavior that societies are rapidly encouraging their citizens to be obsessively revering. It is the same one that we are birthing there in our most original homo sapien communal collectives; and that is continously and rabidly invading and subsuming the lives of us all as we are frantically herding ourselves so expeditiously on into a collective carnivorous invisiblizing. 

We are allowing ourselves to be enthralled by a few others (THEMMMS) who are designating themselves as the ordained models for this most diabolical camouflaging. Of course, we are blinding ourselves to the reality that those THEMMMs through whose lives we are slavishly trying to be vicariously living, are, in fact, doing the same thing, too—and even more desperately abhoring and existentially disavowing the reflection staring at them there in their mirrors. . .

the prey is always preying too
swallowing one’s tail
is always never through
and not the answer
for what to do 

We are always in the crosshairs of our choosing. Everything is always drummming in the rhythming of what everything else is drummming. By means of ourselves, we’re always featuring the human dynamics generating impoverishinged-ing. This novel is attempting to lay bare the dynamics of this aggressive and progressively swallowing human proclivity. The setting is a small southern coastal tobacco town we’re calling Abidenton. This is a small society, wherein, there are much smaller societies, within which there are always even smaller ones. Abidenton is a tiny piece of a dramatically larger cultural hologram that is assisting in the magnification of the dynamics of the greater whole with quite a mouth full of “southern drawl ya’ll.” 

Do not fall prey to the notion that the human dynamics of smalltowns are vastly different from the much larger metropolitian areas. This notion is meritorous only if the portrait is painted, primarily, with numerical parameters (socio-economic demographics). By means of the Abidenton milieu, this novel is trying to lay bare the dynamics of the aggressively and progressively consuming existential reality of IMPOVERISHINGED-ING.

Copyright © 2016, 2017, 2020, 2021

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