the obfuscationing of oracular proclaims . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

the obfuscationing of oracular proclaims
(gathering the splattering dark mattering)

politicos marching sycophant’n in rows 
dogs they hogs slopp’n slopps in droves
spitting names claims and other profanes
signifying back’n’forth at one another
deftly missing the heads of each other
face-to-face on their respective sides
of the same old same legislationing isles
shamelessly hustling themselves and 
most of us all with this same old lame old 
inane old manifest destinationing game

they pretentious self-ordaining themmms
wannebee masters of deceit wet nursing
their shadowing humdrum’n souls and those 
of their collateralling legions of themmms 
incarcerationing for life in enthrall’n stalls
of crediting cards and mortgaging walls 
sequestering on’n’on and endlessly on
in the frothing jaws of themmm
misanthropic pied-piping reality puppeteers

we’re all robotically mystify’n mesmerize’n 
justify’n fantasizing our self-terrorize’n  
enabling our scared delusional themmms
blatantly basting their eternal right to rule
in the carnivorously reborning addiction
of get’n higher and progressively higher
on their erroneous ouroboros curriculum
of mechanically swallow’n their own tales
in !LOUD! persistent public incantationings 
and habitual archival perverse-a-nationings
so !drown’n’out! the oracular proclaimings
of ever more’n’more of THEMMM THEMMMS
still cross’n on through the turning styles
of helplessly suiciding crimsoning seas
so nicking these Pharohing-ning seeds

Copyright (c) 2021 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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