the mattering of dark mattering (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

the mattering of dark mattering

native bodies dervishly whirl’n and twirl’n
mesmerizing drummm’n intoxicationing
camouflaging oracular promulgationings
of the moan’n incantationing of themmms 
who they naked bodies chained
for so they spooninged up !tight!
desecrate’n in the gaze of satanic souls 
stoking this virulent perpetrationing
in hominid scatterings so long going on
. . . themmm themmms whom so many
who they stole in herds cofflinged out
of themmm portals of no returnings
on into the desecrationing bellies
of themmm Jonah’s slave whales

but THEMMM waves auspiciously billow’n  
roaring subservient omnipresent hands  
who still thickening the thin’n clay walls
and enlarging themmm chattelled vessels 
there kilming then for so here now’n when 
and majestically marching themmm out 
as sculpturing grains of prophetic sands 
on consortiums of flagitious shores
as cultivating hands propagating civilizing
who lean’n on that prescient DRUMMMING  
scattering but still ever communalizing 
herald’n of all them themmms still come’n
 who aint gon be here lean’n on no blues

Copyright ã 2021 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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