just what is this we’re here-ing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

just what is this we’re here-ing

it most certainly is not a game
or an intellectual sham
for the sake of demonstrating
how smart I am
by unearthing tracings mitigating 
in faces and places and spaces
of angular olympia displacings
craving scholarly promotionings
for archival proportionings
very seldom ever read
‘til way after you’re dead
just another somebody running laps
or somewhere off somewhere
before the hypnotizing eyes of a camera
or with a gavel on my lips
a gun on my hips
or dancing a national rendition of taps

its seems more invitingly comparable
to the enthralling praying
of a Coltrane solo
the angular canvassing
of Jacob Lawrence travelers
wandering a long way from home
the knowing inquisitive flowing
of a Romare Bearden collage
and Toni Morrison’s flowing
the ever unfolding impactationing
of the tinest butterfly wings
and looking there in the mirror
owning up to what you see
and seeking no solace by
screaming ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!
in the addicting never never
of living on vicariously

Copyright (c)2021 Asili Nadhiri

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